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  • Finding a Property

    What can i expect from my real estate agent?

    ASCENSO ESTATES combines experience and knowledge of the local market with your request for  your dreamhouse in Marbella. More than only tradition, like information about the opportunities present in the market, the coordination of the visits and managing the negotiations, ASCENSO ESTATES gives you also the confidence from the beginning, quickly the best opportunities will be considered.

    Advantages of consulting a professional estate agent:

    Considering opportunities not visible in the market, a comprehensive and complete offer in all price ranges, the best buys and making you confident in the area.

    Transparency in quick searching, evaluation, selection and negotiations, but also the set up of a financial model linked to the need of capital for purchasing. Complete legal and fiscal assistence, which is essential to the purchase.

    Besides ASCENSO ESTATES  advices in setting up legal companies.

    Diverse important aspects to be considered:

    * location

    * accessibility

    * infrastructure

    * density of construction, architecture, quality and year of construction, recent renovations

    * distances

    * facilities, service and security

    * which finance model

    Active participation from ASCENSO ESTATES among others:

    * definition of your wishes (priorities and needs)

    * analysis of the location (orientation of areas of importance)

    * quick analysis of alternatives, especially BARGAINS AND BANK PROPERTIES

    * achieving the best offers from sellers, private and developers, constructors and architects

    * meetings with architect and constructor

    * closing strategy of purchase, negotiations, way of payment, lawyer and taxplanner

    * preparation of the contract, controle of documents, making of appointments etc.

    Through collaboration and in consultation with ASCENSO ESTATES guarantees you a successful investment and purchase.

    Secure and well-considered, as also legally and taxwise professionally planned.